How healthy are supplements?

If a product is labeled as a dietary supplement, it will have information listing the active ingredients per serving as well as binders, fillers and flavorings. The suggested serving size will also be listed. This Supplement Facts panel will be helpful in making the decision on whether you will by discount supplements or another type.

According to the National Institutes of Health, some of the active ingredients in the supplements can have a strong effect. Check out the possible side effects before starting a routine with discount supplements, especially if your have never taken the supplement before. Never use discount supplements instead of prescribed medicine, and ask your medical professional or pharmacist if the prescribed medicine that you are taking can be combined with the supplement. Some dietary supplements can increase the risk of bleeding. Vitamin K reduces the ability of some blood thinning prescription drugs to clot the blood. Vitamins C and E can possibly interfere with cancer chemotherapy.

Always check the label of discount supplements to find out the suggested dose

Always check the label of discount supplements to find out the suggested dose

When purchasing discount supplementsin bulk it is important to remember that they have a shelf life. In order for the ingredient that the consumer feels that they need to be fully utilized, the supplement has to be able to be absorbed by the body. Check the expiration date on the label to make sure that the product can be used within the proper time frame. Before purchasing discount supplements, check the label to find out the suggested dosage. The suggested amount can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. If the label suggests that the consumer takes 3 dosages a day compared to discount supplements that only require a single dose a day, there may not be a cost savings at all. It is possible to get too much of a good thing. Guidelines that outline the vitamin and mineral needs of the average person are just that. A physically active young woman needs more iron than a sedate elderly woman needs, and the same is true for other nutrients. Make sure that you understand the benefits and risks of taking the discount supplements so that there is no risk to your health.

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